The development of the Electricity Light using a brand new LED can be considered highly significant and similar to the discovery of a tungsten wire bulb. It is a linear source whose width is only3mm, one-third of an ordinary LED light band. The designer of the lamp hopes to manifest the instant of surging current through its fine beam, which is also the reason why the lamp has been named “Electricity Light”. 
A lamp having various visible functional parts and composed of parts including a glass panel, metal frame, and an LED light band has been displayed looking similar to a micro high-tech building. When it lights upit looks like the electricity is flowing in the air.
The metal frame supported LED strip emits a straight light, which undergoes an unique reaction with the light reflected by the glass panel in the narrow space causing a subtle impact on the light projection. The lamp produces an infinite light and the shadow characteristics change significantly considering changes in the viewing angle.The design of the electricity lighting presents a new way of understanding the light source. In addition to the lighting functions of traditional light sources, new light sources can also serve as the artistic composition and decoration of lamps. Through remote interactive control of the brightness of the lamp, the original intention of this concept and product design is integrated to meet the needs of a variety of space atmospheres.





Electricity Lighting
Design : Mario Tsai
Size : 1442*240*50mm / 800*240*50mm
Photography : Mario Tsai & Xu Xiaodong
Year : 2020