Video by Mario Tsai Studio / Music by Stewart Walker


Gongzheng Tables use an aluminium profile to explore the limits of the size and strength of furniture. The collection looks clean and minimalist which is attributed to the material properties straight, and the length dimension of the furniture is almost unlimited, thereby extremely long and high-strength flat aluminum profiles can form a high-intensity and long-span desktop. In accordance with the through-structure of the profile, the designer has designed a unique connection structure to connect the profile panels flatly, thereby allowing the desktop to be multiplied in the lateral direction to accommodate the user's needs for different width desktops. The I-beam form legs and cross braces have similar functional characteristics to the commonly used I-beams in construction, and are lightweight and have an extremely high structural strength. Due to the hollow structure of the aluminum profile, the use of the material is greatly reduced while ensuring strength and stability, and making the tables light and elegant.



工正桌系列以铝型材作为研究对象探索其在家具应用中尺度和强度上的极限。得益于型材直挺的材料属性,工正桌 系列有着利落隽永的气质,而且让家具的长度方向尺寸几乎没有限制,可以得到极长而又具有高强度的平整铝板,从而 构成高强度和大跨度的桌面。顺应型材的贯通结构,设计师设计了独有的连接结构,将型材板面平整地连接到一起,由 此能让桌面在横向上呈倍数化扩展,以此适应使用者对不同宽度桌面的需求。字形态的桌腿和横撑与建筑上常用的 工字钢有着相似的功能特性,轻量而又有着超高的结构强度。因铝型材的板面的中空结构特点,在保证强度和稳定性的 情况下又极大减少了材料使用,让桌子轻盈且飘逸。





Designer : Mario Tsai
Year : 2018
Size : 4000 * 800 * 750mm / 3000 * 400 * 450mm
Colors : Silver