HOLD series is inspired by the original interaction between the person and the lights. As a starting point for the concept, the designers gave answers by their overall thinking of the industrial background. The entire series of ambient chandeliers,  most of which are mass-produced with relatively mature molding and surface crafts technology. Taking into account of the differences in the needs of different design projects, the chandelier also solves the comprehensive problems of transportation, cost and application of different sizes in a rational design language, thus achieving a structure in which a limited single component could be extended indefinitely.
From the perspective of large industrial production, the designer realized the infinite expansion of this lighting collection in different use spaces and scenes through the design of single module and connecting parts. Through the extended combination, HOLD chandeliers are suitable for all kinds of spaces from small homes to large auditoriums.
HOLD系列列灵感来源于人与灯具原始的交互“握”,一次作为概念出发点,设计师从工业背景的整体思考下,进行了一次解答。考虑到不同设计项目需求差异,吊灯还以理理性的设计语言解决了了运输、成本、不不同尺 寸应用的综合问题,从而实现了了有限的单一元件可以无限延展的结构。
设计师立足大工业背景进行多维度思考,通过单个模块和连接部件的设计实现了该灯具在不同使用空间和场景中的无限扩展。 通过扩展组合,HOLD吊灯适用于从小型家庭到大型礼堂的各种空间。





Hold Light
Designer : Mario Tsai
Year : 2019
Color : Black
Photography : Xu Xiaodong
Client :   Mumoon