Video by Mario Tsai Studio / Music by Stewart Walker


Mazha 2.0 is intended to create a light visual experience. The relationship between the soft wires and the hard tubes are like ligaments and bones, connected to each other and support with each other to forming a piece of small or huge optical net. Such a plane extension structure allows Mazha 2.0 to be used not only as a ceiling light, but also as a light fixture close to the wall, or as a soft partition structure for the space.



马扎灯 2.0 意在创造一种轻盈的视觉感受。柔软的丝线与硬质的灯管的关系,好似韧 带与骨骼,相互连接、支撑,构成一张或伶俐或巨大的光网。这样的平面延伸结构,让马扎灯 2.0 不仅可以作为吊灯使 用,同时可以用作贴近墙面的灯光装置,也可以用作空间的软分隔结构。






Mazha Lighting System 2.0
Designer : Mario Tsai
Year : 2019
Color : Silver
Photography : Xu Xiaodong