Video by Mario Tsai Studio / Music by Stewart Walker

Press tables are based on the flexibility and elasticity of stainless steel sheet, and the exploration combine mechanics and aesthetics. The coffee table is composed of a thick steel plate top and a base plate extruded by 3 pieces of thin steel plates. The three pieces of soft steel plate are pressed by an external force to form a mutually squeezing and stable balancing device, and the connection between the base and the desktop through the suction cups is simple and convenient. The clever connection structure allows the product to be packaged and transported in flat form, as well as a set of furniture that encourages people to experience installation and interaction.



压力茶几组合以不锈钢薄板的柔韧和弹性作为研究出发点,得出了力学与美学相结合的家具设计探索。桌子由厚钢 板桌面和薄钢板挤压形成的底座构成,三片柔软的薄钢板在被外力按压后形成一个相互挤压而又稳定的平衡装置,底座 和桌面通过吸盘连接的连接方式简洁方便。巧妙的连接结构的设计,让这组产品可以实现平板化的包装与运输,同时也 是一组鼓励人去体验安装和互动的家具装置。

Press tables 2.0
Designer : Mario Tsai
Year : 2018
Size : 900 * 900 * 350mm / 500 * 500 * 500mm
Colors : Silver