Lift light is a malleable modular lighting system designed by Mario Tsai Studio for Chinese design brand mx object, it can not only meet the needs of different scale spaces through the combination of modules, but also make a new attempt on the concept of the shape of the lights.
Different from people's conventional cognition of chandeliers and floor lamps in life, Lift light interprets the new form of the lamp in an unconventional way. Inspired by the traditional Chinese “lifting sedan” ,the two thin metal rods are used to "lift" the bulb to create a sense of ritual for the light,and the bulb can move freely on the two rods.
Lift light as a unit modular light system can be extended indefinitely, each unit is 60 cm in length, consumers can purchase the corresponding length 60X cm for their own needs. There are two different forms of "lifting lights", floor lamps and chandeliers. Floor lamp uses the gravity of the base to pull the soft wires to create a horizontal and vertical line frame, while the chandelier straightens the wire by the weight of the heavy metal ball. Each group of light units can be disassembled for ultimate flat packaging.
抬灯 Lift light
Designer : Mario Tsai
Year : 2017
Unit Size : 600 * 80mm
Material : Aluminum
Client :    mx object