Video by Mario Tsai Studio / Music by Stewart Walker
For the way of sustainable design, we try to pursue a design thinking which is infinitely close to eternity. It is a objective fact that everything has a life cycle.Thence what the designer has to do is to extend the life of things as much as possible to tend to eternity infinitely.
Symbolizing eternal,the Pyramid has stood for thousands of years. We use this as a carrier to express our attitude towards the pursuit of eternal things.The lighting device are named after the homophony of “Modular ”,which Chinese pronunciation is “Mo Diu Le ”.Modular is the design method we pursue, the homophony ”Mo Diu Le ”in Chinese is a cold humor expression which expresses a sustainable attitude of “Don’t  throw it away and continue to use it.”Assuredly the sustainable design we mentioned here can not sacrificed at the expense of user experience and functionality.Based on the MAZHA 2.0,the MODIULE PYRAMID lighting device is constructed by modularization. And the overall size can be adjusted to suit the size of the space.
The expression of “Mo Diu Le”aims at reflecting the attributes that the replaceability of each component of the device helps to keep other components from functioning properly.While there are too many "Throw it off if it breaks” designs in life, which is also a great irony for designers.The life cycle of every design is just like the process of person’s birth,senility,illness and death.However,most designers and factories just create “life ”,forget “senility,illness and death”.The designers’ responsibility for society and the environment is reflected in the way of design the length of the design’s life cycle and in how to treat it after retirement.
Designer : Mario Tsai
Year : 2019
Color : Silver