Using the characteristics of metal materials, the designer outlines the cactus with pure line, in order to fulfill the design concept named soft minimalism. The three metal parts which are perpendicular each other are assembled into the three-dimensional furniture.The design  has a light and transparent appearance,and is also lightweight as well as easy to disassemble, which are convenient to transport. The designer uses the "branch" feature of the cactus to complete the functional requirements of a coat stand, while the product itself is ornamental. In the home or public interior(such as clothing store), cactus as a decorative furniture is adapted to a variety of different scenarios, such as natural theme, pop art and so on.It can balance the interesting qualities and design sense of a space, properly thawing ultra-cool atmosphere, while ensuring the practicability of the space.
Cactus coat stand
Designer : Mario Tsai
Year : 2017
Size : 600 * 300 * 1600 mm
Material : Steel
Colors : Green / Black
Client :    NAQU